jueves, 10 de junio de 2010


Our School
General estructure: The building is made of four different floors: on the ground floor there are three classrooms, eight laboratories, from the opposite shift and a room´s preceptory, two bathrooms, the preceptors principal room´s the secretary and head masters office, there is the playground too. Looking on entrance to the long playground we can see the cafeteria, next, the stairway;
       The first floor has four classrooms, a preceprtory room´s, psychologist room´s and a electromechanics room´s, this is in the east zone and on the first floor to the west zone, there is an infinished building.
       On the second floor there are five classrooms, a preceptory.
       And on the third floor there is only one room. There is a beatiful view of the city.
       The school is full of light in all rooms and places, but we have good light intalation too.
       The school is very big, may be the biggest in the area, It has three shifts, morning, afternoon, and evening. There are the school whit more pupils from the zone.

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